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I. Thin Films

In the vanguard of thin film electronics we see seemingly amazing promise for fundamental leaps in very important technologies such as photovoltaics and lighting. Nanotechnology provides tiny functional electronics that are extraordinary in their efficiencies at least relative to the very small amounts of raw materials required in their manufacture. We expect to soon find ourselves using, for example, a tent, the fabric of which incorporates energy capture or conversion elements in the form of photovoltaics and lighting and or display elements in the form of organic light emitting diode arrays. A Tuareg clan may well be very satisfied with seemingly magical tents such as these.

II. Roll to Roll Manufacture of Thin Films

The Tuareg's tent is now a very expensive and perhaps cumbersome reality. If one wished today, to cobble together the elements of this magical tent imagine the expense!. This is because there is no generic, scale-able roll to roll thin film processing system currently deployed and busy. But now South Coast Photonics has generated and patented the design of just such a system.
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