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How Camara Oscura Works: a Brief Description

Camara Oscura is a roll to roll film forming system. In it's simplest form this dynamically configure-able, controlled environment system consists of a rail, a skate, a cartridge, and a station. A station is comprised of one or more heads. The rail is a track-way used by a skate for advancing a skate to and coupling with a cartridge, advancing this assembly to a station and aligning the skate/cartridge assembly with a head. The roll to roll enabled cartridge containing a bolt of flexible substrate is then joined by a head and a film forming environment is established. Within the cartridge the substrate is advanced past the deposition window which penetrates the top of the cartridge and material delivery systems mounted in the head deposit films on the substrate via the deposition window. Film formation may take place anywhere on the substrate as it is moved via roll to roll action through this deposition zone.
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