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A.M. Arias del Cid



2006-Current: Inventor, Engineer and Entrepreneur, Managing Member South Coast Photonics: co- inventor of a Roll-to-Roll Dynamically Configure-able, Thin Film Forming System (covered by US Patent N0. 7410542 issued August 12, 2008)
1998 -2006: Mineral and gem source development and sales
1995-1997: Systems and Design Engineer, Solarmode: design, sales and installation of
photovoltaic systems primarily based upon Unisolar's amorphous silicon panels. Multiple system
designs including a suitcase based portable PV deployable array with inverter for AC, DC source and batteries.
1994-1995 Systems Engineer, SEDI (Solar Energy Development International): installation and debugging of the hardware and software required for open loop control of a 300 sun concentrating 1kw experimental photovoltaic array. This array of twenty modules was based on a module consisting of a 0.2" x 0.2" gallium arsenide chip at each of the two focal points of each module. This system was amazingly robust for such a complex mechanism. Accurate to 0.1 radian in tracking. This device was often left tarped from the elements for months at a time. When uncovered and awoken it would immediately find the sun and stay within it's 0.1 radian limit.
1992-1994: mining for gems and minerals throughout the USA, Mexico and CentroAmerica.
1985-1991 Member of Technical Staff, Raytheeon ESD, Product Design Group:
Electronics packaging projects: cad design, heat transfer, structural analysis, structural dynamics inclusive.
1982-1985 Member of Technical Staff, Rockwell International, North American Aircraft Operations:
CAD Design of ergonomic parameters for an ejection seat for the ATF (advanced tactical fighter).
On-site consultant at USAF's Plant 42 (Palmdale, Ca) for the Environmental Control Systems Group during the fabrication of the first B-1B Aircraft, Duties: design and execution of required engineering change orders.
Education: BSME, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering UCSB June 1981. Gemology Certificate: Gemological Institute of America,1995
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